Cobalt Headpiece, 2020
18 x 18 x 12” 

Torchworked borosilicate glass


Red Shaw, 2018
80 x 1 x 24” 

Torchworked borosilicate glass,
sterling silver and metal clasps




Torchworked Borosilicate

I am interested in how people and things connect and interact with each other. Be it at the molecular level or between two lovers. For the past ten years I have grown as a glass artist exploring forms in nature, question human psychology and developing as an artist based upon the knowledge I ascertain. By Using traditional metalsmithing techniques while working with glass allow for diverse discussions to be created about strength, vanity and protection. Torched glass chain maille is delicate and translucent, contradicting the understood use and material of chain maille worn for body armor. My work is inspired by how things connect and the complexity of that interaction.


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