Cutclear Structure #17-009

13 x 18.5 x 3”

Blown, wheel cut glass


Cutclear Fresnel #17-007

14 x 16 x 3”

Blown, wheel cut glass




Blown Glass, wheel cut glass

After studying ceramics in school, I found glass and quickly became enamored with the bright, dense and opaque colors achievable in the material. Pushing glass beyond the anatomyof thevessel, my work is an ongoing exploration of abstraction, color, texture and light. While glass typically reflects light and has an inherently shiny and dense appearance, I have become attracted to a richer, more luminous effect that can be achieved by carving andengraving the surface. These engraved marks, like the stroke of a paintbrush on canvas or a finger pushed into clay; leave evidence of my hand and are undeniably connected to my process and thenature of the material itself. With a strong foundation in Ceramics, my work relays on a tactile sense of surface and mark making that is grounded in clay processes and techniques. Glass becomes my vehicle for this exploration. I employ these ideas to help answer questions about how we see our environment, the objects we use everyday and the spaces we occupy.Translating this information into my recent work has led to imagery and form inspired by the intersection of geography, architecture, and industrial design as a way to visually deconstruct our  surroundings.With a nod to cut glass of the 19th and 20th century my newest work stands as a distillation of the excess in traditional cut glass patterns and vessel forms. Built on a historical foundation of the objects people have collected,this new work explores the notion of the modern heirloom object.


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