Banana Bunch, 2020

7 x 10 x 7”

Hot sculpted glass


This Shit is Bananas, 2020

24 x 18 x 3”

Glass and neon

#5 of 10


Banana Meat and Flesh, 2020

10 x 12 x 3”




Hot Sculpted Glass

n support of my interest in the reinterpretation of commonplace objects and imagery, to mine the deeper and subconscious meanings lying therein -those sexual undertones revealing opportunities for dialogueabout sex, sexuality, sexual health and consent-my creativity is tempered in a response to the cultural contrast of my youth,in the conservative Midwest,and my newly adopted home and community in the Pacific Northwest.My work is the visual manifestation of my values and emotions. Exploring a long standing and deep fascination with color and light. Inspired by popular culture, including those associations of familiarity and comfort attached to foodstuffs, it is most often my daydreams -which spark my imagination. Applied associations of familiarity and comfort attached to food, allow access to targeted individuals -my audience -perhaps guardedto frank discussion, though consoled by the inclusion of commonalities; metaphorical meaning in the commonplace allowing viewers to investigate,and define their own narrative, while interpreting my intent.


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