Who Doesn’t Love a Bad Idea?, 2019
2.5 x 16 x 16”

Blown, carved glass,

pate de verre, silver


Designer Durgs, 2019
2.5 x 16 x 16”

Blown, carved glass,

pate de verre, gold




Blown carved glass

I portray the addictions common to life in contemporary society. I believe that all people, regardless of their background or pretensions, are in some way addicted to something. Some of these addictions are obvious and literal, but some, like religious and moral judgment, are obscured by our society's rhetorical tropes. I believe that our society's most powerful people often exploit these addictions in order to minimize discontent and unrest.
I confront the hypocritical way that social control is disguised as morality through form and technique. I employ common images and replace their usual context and palate with something more alarming. I hope to evoke in the viewer the disquiet and disturbance that our addictions—religion, consumerism, drug use—bring out in me.


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