Evolution: The Theory of “Asian Mystique, 2019
5.5 x 4.5 x 10” 

Mold blown glass and mixed media

$5,000 (includes 8 figures)

Missionary Squad 2– Kitty Army Series, 2019
5.5 x 4.5 x 10” each 

Mold blown glass and mixed media


Part of Your World –Gilded Memories Interactive Series,



Kiln formed glass, gilded music box, modified found 




Kiln formed and mold blown glass

After a decade as a health care professional, Priscilla returned to school to pursue her passion in glass, hoping to explore her views of the world and how her cultural upbringing has influenced her disposition. After graduating with a degree in Craft and Design specializing in glass at Sheridan College, she was offered the opportunity to study under John Miller and Slate Grove in the MFA program at Illinois State University, where she is currently.
Priscilla's work strives to tell a story of her experiences and engage viewers in a dialogue about the constructions of identity. As a Chinese immigrant living in North America, Priscilla is deeply connected to both her eastern heritage and her western upbringing. Thus, her identity is naturally full of dichotomies. These contradictions highlight the complex way in which patriarchal society has subtly affected the female's position within its structure and how it maintains its control through cultural/ social expectations and normalized gender roles. In response to these expectations and hegemonic constraints, Priscilla's work serves as a narrative of this misguided history and biography. Using cute and colourful universally recognizable symbols of pop culture, like Hello Kitty, she hope to spark conversations about where women, particularly immigrant women, are placed and held within this socially prescribed racial framework.


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